I always make too much food, and I blame my dear Grandmother RosaLee for this. She cooked for an army, and there were typically lots of leftovers. Wasn’t a problem for her, she was a pro at repurposing. Me, not so much, they often go wasted. 

Last night I purposefully made extra chicken parm,  with a plan for fulfilling a request from the husband for chicken parm sandwiches. Should be yummy, provided I can find some decent bread. 

Bread isn’t Keto friendly at all, and one of the three things I do truely miss on “the diet”, but devil may care.  I have found suitable and even delicious substitutes for the other two, pasta and pizza, but not for bread. I did modify a Keto pizza crust recipe to make a bread like bun for Ruben sandwiches once, but it didn’t hold a candle to a nice slab of marbled rye. 

In truth, Grandma had little influence on the way I approach food and cooking, but it’s a harmless embellishment on my part to excuse one of my shortcomings. Having admitted that, I do have to give myself credit: I have gotten  better at cooking food for two, and at repurposing leftovers; and I’m not going to sweat it if that plan involves bread. 


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