Let me start off by saying two things:
One, the names in this piece have been changed to protect the innocent, and
Two, I have no less than ten apps on my phone that are related to weight loss. TEN.

Of the apps, there’s one to count calories, two for workouts, one to track biometrics, and of course the apple watch app.  I could go on, but you get the point.  I do use most of them, some daily. There are also a dozen-or-so websites that I use with frequency.

A few nights ago, exhausted and hangry after work, I swam through my vast ocean of one hundred eighty-three apps on my iPhone until I landed one; the one for pizza. It lives in the app category of “food”.  With just one tap of the easy order button Veronica down at the pizza palace put my pie together, tossed it in the oven, and twenty minutes later was at the door…

…Cut to me inhaling half of the ultra super thin and crispy crust pie, topped with beef, onion, mushroom, and pepperoni. It tasted good, so good- in the moment; then the regret set in.  I had been, up to that point, on the right path to ketosis.  I was determined to lose the last bit of weight that lingers around my midsection, the last bit that keeps me from being “beach ready”.

Grand Cayman, June 2016

At the end of June the husband and I, and our dear friend Gwen are returning to Grand Cayman for a week on the beach.  The same place we went last summer, and loved so much that we rebooked as soon as we got back.  It was glorious to spend a week at the beach with him and Gwen, so the anticipation level is high.

Today, as I sit here fully recommitted to my goal of being thin and sexy by summer, I am bound and determined to create a fanciful and delicious menu to support this; one not involving Veronica and her evil pizza, or salads and rice cakes. No, this menu will be 100% keto, and I have three apps and a dozen or so websites to help me.

As it stands today I am at one hundred eighty-three pounds, a
perfectly respectable weight for a six-foot-one guy of my build.
Although I’d like to be at one-seventy-five, I’m not really focusing on that number. Instead, I am going to get into, and maintain ketosis to help in the process of getting rid of the flab
around my midsection. That my friends can’t be done with diet alone, it takes a diet slash working out combo.

I’ve deleted the pizza app, bid farewell to Veronica, and the pizza palace.


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