93 days

The countdown is officially on!

Truth be told, I started counting down the¬†moment we made the reservation, which was exactly one¬†day after we got back last summer; two hundred and seventy-two days ago. Now that we’re¬†down to the double¬†digits, I am really starting to¬†get excited! In just 93 days my husband ¬†Brian and I, and our dear friend Wendy will board a plane bound for the Island of Grand Cayman, and if you can’t tell, the anticipation is killing me!

The Sea Lodges at Cayman Kai

I am already planning what to pack, which this time isn’t going to be much. Last year I way over packed, even though I swore I wasn’t going to. ¬†What on earth did I think I would need with three pair of jeans, six pairs of shorts, four¬†pair of shoes, six pairs of socks, five bathing suits, nine tees, and three button down shirts on a tropical island? I mean seriously who did I think i was, Cher?

Nope, this time a single carry-on sized duffle bag is all I am taking with me. The five¬†S’s I’m calling it: One swimsuit (ok, maybe 2), one pair of sandals, shirts of the tee variety (2), shorts (2), and copious amounts of sunblock. That’s it, I’m¬†not even bringing undies or socks. I did plan to be in better shape this time around, and think I still have time to do that. If not, I’m still going to love every minute of this gorgeous island!

Wendy and I on the beach, she’s a total babe!

Also different this time around is I have gotten past my fear of scuba diving, and decided to take lessons. Last year I balked at the idea, some BS about not being able to snorkel as a kid. Anyway, ¬†we opted for snorkeling, which was great but scuba diving would have been so much better. ¬†I can’t wait to swim with the fishes!

My sweet Husband, Brian.

Other things we plan to do this time are take a kayak tour of some bioluminescent life. Wendy and I planned to do it last time, but backed out because I thought the weather was a little off. Turns out, the weather was perfect for it; lesson learned. Though¬†I know she doesn’t hold it against me, I still feel guilty for cheating Wendy out of that expierence. ¬†My motto for this trip is: If it sounds fun, do it!





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